• In Spirit

    3/1/23 Alas, an absence we did not intendBut nature’s laws decided to contendGood to great, the family, strong at heartIn spirit will not be so far apart I’ve heard it said that “those who go, stay”And “those who stay, go” along the wayWe keep with us a part of those who goAnd those who go…

  • Weary

    2/24/23 Fuzzy head and dreary eyesOn the verge of compromiseWeary soldier, aimless courseVoice and legs have lost their force Rest, my friend, and then take heartGearing for a strong restartFresh returning to the fightBursting forth to day from night

  • O Mary, My Mother, the Maiden, the Star

    12/12/15 O Mary, my Mother, the Maiden, the Star,How truly astounding and gracious you are!To you I look fondly while climbing the slopeYour life is a treasure that fills me with hope My Mother Inviolate and greatest of saintsMost perfect of instruments with which He paintsO Virgin of Virgins and Mother Most Pure,You give us…

  • Immersed

    2/16/23 Remain in me and I in YouImmersed in You till life is throughEternal Life to then abideAnd see Your face, no more to hide

  • My All

    2/6/23 My Lord, my God, my allLet me never fallFall in Love with YouIs all I wish to do If I ever strayGuide me on Your WayReturning joyfullyBy mercy granted me

  • Another Christ

    2/2/23 Help me be another ChristMy own strength has not sufficedAny good is not my ownAll my talents are on loan Any time I stray from YouWretchedness I see anewHelp me walk along the WayShining brighter than the day Mercy You have shown to meDeeper, wider than the seaKeep me ever in Your LoveTill I…

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“Do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few.” – Pythagoras