Hide and Seek


Dear God, I ask, how is it that You hide?
It seems that You so quietly abide
With countless souls who seem so far from You
Are those who know You really now so few?

While on the Cross, Divinity was hid
And now Your seen Humanity is rid
While many seek, they seem to darkness find
Do You desire them to be so blind?

My child, how can I hide my Love from you?
I only want what’s holy, good and true
If I went further in my great display
Your freedom, then, to love would go away

I know that many seem so far from Love
But views are better here from up above
Perspective held in this eternity
Sees perfect good in this Divinity

If I completely fit inside your mind
Would I not be so small a God to find?
Yes, those who seek me truly gain reward
Within their heart they find a treasure stored

Take heart, my child, and trust in my designs
Not all is lost.  In fact, a Light now shines
My Love and grace accounts for every soul
Who seeks me, sea to sea and pole to pole

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