Redeemer Rejected


A Savior came but promptly was denied;
The world preferred to in the darkness hide
A path of goodness, He to us bestowed 
To Calvary he went, with heavy load

A Man who they said did all things so well
Condemned while wicked thieves escape their cell
Forgiveness, Love and Peace He came to bring 
Yet to the gallows went with scourge and sting

He showed them paths of peace to walk along
But they declared a war in that great throng
A Light burst forth amid expectant crowd
But this they cast amid the darkest shroud  

This Shepherd, who Himself is King of Love
With Peace, come down in likeness of a dove
Is lashed and beaten, scorned with utter hate
With thorns they crown their King and death await

To us, this Slave has come to free from sin
They bind him to a Cross: they nail Him in!
He took on flesh that He may give us Life
But we repaid with death and wretched strife!

Alas!  What deepened sorrow fills me now!
How could such consequences You allow?
What man or woman could now fail to weep
At such a sight as You Your promise keep?

You could have saved us in a simpler way
But unto death Your Son sought those astray
In such great Love, You gain Your victory
If only I could do the same for Thee!

Inspiration: The Way of the Cross by St Josemaria, 13th Station, point for meditation number 1

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